Life/Training: Shorts and a T

There is this expression that I continually keep hearing. I'll let you in on it soon, but first I am going to explain how its meaning has become a part of me.

If you know me personally at all, you know that I am a short and tee-shirt kind of guy, regardless of the weather. I wear shorts and a tee-shirt throughout the whole winter season, and I always get looks of "what the hell is wrong with this kid, it is freezing outside." I got into this whole shorts and tee-shirt phase for a couple of different reasons. One, buying shorts and a tee-shirt is so much cheaper than buying jeans and button-down shirt. Two, I think wearing shorts and a tee-shirt is the mother of all comfortable clothes. I have always been all about being comfortable!

As United States citizens, we have grown up in a land that allows us to be comfortable all of the time. For most of us, there never really is a struggle to find food. All you have to do is walk yourself to the nearest closet and find something to eat. In the summer seasons, we don't have to worry about becoming too hot because we have this wonderful invention called air conditioning! Same with the winter; we never have to worry about being too cold because we have sources of heat. We thrive on being comfortable! I think this is one of the biggest reasons why the United States has this huge obesity scare. I know you all know what I am talking about, because they talk about it on your local news just about every day. It is because we were raised in an age where we do not have to exert ourselves in order to survive. We don't know how to exert ourselves to an area of discomfort, and it is because we do not need to. With training, I think it is an absolute must to be able to exert yourself to an area of discomfort. If you don't, you will never progress. You will never reach your full potential.

WE NEED TO LEARN TO BE COMFORTABLE BEING UNCOMFORTABLE! It is imperative for the success of an athlete. I think this holds true to life as well. Only 5% of the U.S. population can be considered as successful. That leaves 95% of the rest of the population who are unsuccessful. I think this can be accredited to the fact that we are so comfortable that we have no need to continually progress. We go to work every day in a nice cozy job working on a computer, and get paid enough to survive. There is no will to be the best that an individual can possibly be. There have been a lot of stories about Navy Seals who have finished their service and became millionaires, because they have mastered the ability to be comfortable being uncomfortable.

The reason why I wear shorts and a tee-shirt during the freezing cold weather is not only because I find the clothing comfortable or that I am saving money. It is because I am trying to push my body to an area of discomfort. I feel that it will help me overcome a lot of different obstacles in my life. I have this mindset that has abruptly came into my life, where everything I do, I try to push myself to a level of discomfort. In training, if I start to feel uncomfortable, I keep going! I am trying to push myself to success and reach a new personal level of potential.

Let's make it happen!

Learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable and watch as your life does a complete 180.

Be sure to let me know what you think. Would be ecstatic to hear your thoughts! Also, check out the video that I added to the page. This man knows what it means to be comfortable being uncomfortable.

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