DGTT: Breaking Through the Fog

If you do not know, my whole mindset for starting "Defying Gravity Thrower's Training" is so that I can live my passion. Which involves two different aspects: throwing and helping the younger generation succeed.

Today I was at the District XI Track & Field meet. As I was watching the AAA men's shot put, I noticed only one person used the rotational technique. Most know him as Bryan Pearson. I know him as my brother. Just like myself, Bryan has been blessed with sources of information and coaching on the rotational technique of which most High School throwers have unfortunately not received. What is most unfortunate, is that the rotational technique (varying by opinion) has much greater benefits than does the glide technique. To back this statement up, I have heard both Glenn Thompson and John Godina describe the rotation as being superior to the glide. With which, I agree with their assessments.

Now, it is not the athlete's fault that they do not have the same guidance that Bryan and myself have had over the years; nor, is it the coach's fault. Really, it is nobody's fault. The fact of the matter is that the information on the rotational technique does not exactly exist in "our neck of the woods." This reason is the exact reason as to why I am putting myself out there. I want to share my passion for throwing to an area that is trying to get out of a determinant fog, if you will. I hope that one day the passion that I have for throwing, will eventually become contagious to this area. Obviously, in order to make this happen, I need to find self-motivated throwers. Now, this is where you come in... help make this happen by spreading the word!


...Let's Make It Happen!

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