DGTT: Summer Ending Concerns

I have been hearing concerns regarding what is going to happen when I go back to college in the Fall.

First of all, I would like everyone to know that my goal is to provide the basic information needed in order to succeed in the rotational technique. This basic information is exactly what most high school throwers are missing. However, with this knowledge that I provide to you, it will be sufficient enough to help you find the trail of success in throwing throughout the school year and track season. I will also provide you with key details that will help you improve personally as a thrower, based on your strengths and weaknesses as an athlete. I would like to remind you that when I am away, I will always be open to video analysis to help keep you on track.

Those who want to continue receiving one-on-one guidance, can always call up coach Glenn Thompson in Carlisle and see if he has any space for you. It would be an excellent opportunity for anyone to receive coaching services from him. He will offer a different perspective, and maybe help piece together some loose ties. However, I know coach Glenn has many people coming to him for help, so there is a possibility that he may not have room for you. Either way, the pieces that I provide to you will help you dramatically improve as a thrower, and will be sufficient enough to allow you to be successful.

As a college student, I also have long holiday/school breaks such as winter and spring break. If needed, we could always meet up during that time span.

One final reminder; the throwing services provided during this summer, will also be provided next summer. Eventually, I would like to open a business that incorporates strength training for all athletes in the area, but specializing in throwers. If all works out as planned, my services will be provided for years and years to come!

Any further questions? Be sure to drop me a message! I hope this has cleared up any concerns that you may have had.

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