Training/Throwing: The Perfect Workout

I was reading an article today, written by the man of strength training himself (Zach Even-Esh), describing how weightlifters these days are always reading up and looking for the perfect workout. I know I happen to fall into this category too every once in a while.

Newsflash! There is no such thing as a perfect workout.

Stop worrying about what you keep reading in all those ridiculous muscle magazines. The bottom-line is that you need to get out there and do the work.

There is powerlifting, olympic lifting, bodyweight lifting, strongman training, etc! Which one will work the best? Who cares!

The key is to mix it up, because they are all important. One way or another, these variations of lifting are all significant to your growth as an athlete and as a thrower.

Powerlifting and strongman training can be useful for getting you as strong as an ox, olympic lifting can be used for increasing one's athleticism, and bodyweight training can be used for strength gains as well as stability.

As a thrower, all of these categories are important. Stop wasting your time reading, get out there and just do it!

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