DGTT: Benefits

As I was progressing as a thrower throughout high school, I really had no true guidance with the rotational technique. That is until a new coach came to my high school during my junior season. Her name was coach Joanna Kovacs. She really was one of the main reasons I was able to reach a level that allowed me to get accepted into a Division II program. However, I knew a lot of other throwers in the area were not as fortunate as I was. Yet, the level that I was able to reach was not particularly what I had dreamt of. I mean, who would not want to get a full ride scholarship to a Division I school such as Penn State, University of Virginia, or Arizona State, to name a few? These experiences that I have endured throughout my life is what inspired me to want to give back to an area that I feel is losing its passion for throwing. Your benefit in trusting in me, is that you will receive guidance that most throwers are not able to find. This guidance will help you create your own path to success in life and in throwing.

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