DGTT: Contract

I _______________________________, hereby agree to the following terms of contract. Defying Gravity Thrower’s Training is not responsible for any terms that may be broken, and I am wholly responsible for any broken terms that may or may not take place.

·       Defying Gravity Thrower’s Training strongly recommends arriving 15 minutes prior to your scheduled session. As the athlete, I understand that my scheduled session does not include the warm up period. If I must warm up during my allocated time slot, I understand that this time will not be added onto the end of the session.

·         As the athlete, I understand that all payments are due before the session takes place. I also understand that the only payment transactions accepted will be due in cash.

·         As the athlete, I agree that I do have the money to pay for the services provided.

·         As the athlete, I understand that any cancelations are expected with a minimum of 1 hour in advance of my session (preferably 24 hours in advance). I am in agreement that failing to do so will result in a charged session, and that the payment will be handed over before any other session takes place.

·         As the athlete, I understand that I am expected to be self-motivated and maintain a high quality of listening capabilities. I also agree to present myself respectfully, and be accountable for any actions of disrespect that may or may not take place. I am in complete agreement that any actions of disrespect or lack of motivation, can lead to a termination of service.

·         Most importantly, Greg Pearson personally wants to remind you that although these terms of contract are very straight forward, he is not a military lieutenant. These terms of contract are only to prevent any misunderstandings that may or may not occur. Let’s make it happen!

·         As the athlete, I understand the previous statement.

Signature of the Athlete: ______________________________________              
Date: ______________

(If under the age of 18)

Signature of the Parent: _______________________________________ 
Date: ______________

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