DGTT: Expectations

What do I have to offer?
  • 2 Years finished with my Undergraduate Degree at Shippensburg University
    • Major – Exercise Science
    • Minor – Coaching, Business
  • I have been involved in throwing for about 7 years. Current thrower at Shippensburg University.
  • Throughout this time, I have been to a total of 4 camps and clinics.
    • East Stroudsburg University Throws Camp (1 year)
    • Shippensburg University Throws Camp (1 year), Counselor/Coach (1 year)
    • Cocalico High School Throws Camp (3 years)
    • John Powell Camp in Ohio (1 year)
  • I have been to John Godina’s Coaches Certification, where I was certified to coach at his camps and clinics around the nation.
  • I am a follower of throws coach Matt Ellis (Rhode Island) and strength trainer Zach Even-Esh (New Jersey)
  • I have worked with Joey Kovacs who is the region record holder in the discus (184’) and shot put (65’), and current thrower at Penn State University. I have had the pleasure to be coached in high school by his mother; coach Joanna Kovacs, now throws coach at Moravian University.
  • Throughout the college year, I spend 2 days every week with one of the, if not the best throws coach in Pennsylvania, coach Glenn Thompson.
  • Most importantly, I have this fire burning inside me wanting to coach high school athletes who are looking to be the best throwers they can possibly be (potential). This fire burning inside me is what I like to call passion. I have significant passion for throwing, and an even bigger passion helping high school athletes succeed.

What am I looking for?
  • I am looking for high school athletes who have a strong passion for throwing, but need hard-found guidance on learning the technique.
  • Athletes who are committed and self-motivated.
  • Athletes who are accountable for their actions.
  • Athletes who want to get the most out of their life, and their throwing career.
  • Basically, if you are willing to put in the work, I am willing to work with you sharing the knowledge and experience I have gathered over the years.
What is the cost?
  • FREE – The first session will be free, so that the athlete/parent/coach can see what it is I have to offer.
  • Any following session will cost $15.00 per hour session.
When are the sessions?
  • Weekends
Where are the sessions?
  • East Stroudsburg University (200 Prospect Street, East Stroudsburg, PA)
  • Lafayette University - Metzgar Athletic Complex (3412 Sullivan Trail, Easton, PA)
Any other questions, be sure to contact Greg by either e-mail, phone, or leave a message below.

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