Throwing: Glory Days

Have you ever had a day of throwing when nothing seemed to go right? You start trying harder, and consequently start tensing your muscles. When you think it couldn't get worse, it actually does. You then start thinking to yourself that you're terrible, and you should just quit all together. Mixed emotions start to build up, and outside pressures seem to be attacking from all angles. You start worrying yourself about not being ready for a meet, not being able to reach your goals, or even not attaining the collegiate scholarship that you have always dreamed of.

Regardless of how you're throwing, throwing is still throwing. Throwing is simply just a sport. It is something that you grew up doing because you loved to throw; you had a passion to constantly throw. Am I right?

Eventually, you get to a point where throwing becomes something more than just the sport that you love. It becomes the one thing that you have to rely on in order to get a college scholarship. The implement that you grew up loving reforms into a stabbing blade of pressure. All that it seems to do is create unwanted stress.

Sometimes you need to just take a step back; take a ride on the time machine that brings you back to the glory days of when throwing was fun. If a sport reaches a point where it turns into a personal emotion of hatred, you need to take a step back and just take the day to enjoy it.

Go back to the glory days. Relive it.

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