Life: H-e-double-the-hockey-stick

Man, my emotions are running high and I'm just going to let my emotions do all of the talking. As a warning, I speak from the heart and I do not hide who it is that I am. Either take it or leave it... the choice is up to you. Some may disapprove of my choices in words, which is fine. Understand though, that I'd rather you know the true me, than fake something that I am not.

As most of you know from either reading my posts or knowing me personally, I am always looking to push the limits of what I can do both physically and mentally. I also am an extremely hard worker. I don't like doing any kind of job that requires me to sit on my ass! Period. I want to be down in the trenches, working like a mad man. A mad man, I tell ya!

Okay well let me cut to the chase...

Today was my very first day at my new job as a loader/unloader at a warehouse. At first, I loved it! It was everything that I could ask for in a job. I was picking stuff up and putting 'em down, just like ole' Arnold. I was busting my ass and putting out every effort that I had, because that is the way that I do work. It ended up being a 10 hour day from 7 am to 5:30 pm, with only three breaks: two 15 minute breaks, and one 30 minute lunch break. Have you ever done something at full intensity over a two hour plus time span? No stops, no breaks, no water. Well let me tell you, it is definitely not fun, but it makes you feel like you can accomplish anything! However, add another four of those and it can sum up to be a walk through hell.

I came to the point today where I would rather die than spend another day working at that place again. Before today, I didn't think there was any hell-ish experience that an individual could go through, to rather choose death over reliving a certain experience. Nothing! Man, did this experience change that reality of mine.

Here's the deal though...

There were people who were so-called "supervisors" who did nothing all day. They sat there watching as my co-workers and I busted our asses. I felt like I was in hell. Literally. I felt that I was a slave to these people. Seriously, no exaggeration. These people made me feel powerless, almost as if they owned me. They made it seem like they controlled my every move. I felt like I was a helpless character in a video game, while they were the evil kid running me through a big ball of flaming, hot fire. It seemed that they had complete control of my life. I don't understand how people like this can sit back and watch human beings struggle, and not do anything about it. They almost seemed entertained by what they were watching. It felt like they were watching my every move waiting for me to slip just once, so that they could lash at me with a whip. Obviously, they would never physically abuse their workers with their own hands, but I still felt that it was a serious cause for concern.

This all made me start thinking of the slavery that took place in the United States not too long ago. It provided me with a greater appreciation of what these slaves had to go through. Not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. No human being should ever have to go through a hell-ish experience like that. In the end, no matter what color, race, or gender, a human is a human, and should be treated accordingly.


Sometimes all it takes is one experience to attain a better understanding of what others in history have dealt with. It was an experience for me that I would never give back in a million years. What I learned about myself, and what I learned about life in general was completely worth it.

I would like to conclude by saying that the experience that I went through today will only ever be one experience. In other words, you can keep your nine dollars per hour, and shove it up your ass. I am a human being, and no amount of money is worth being treated like anything less. I QUIT!

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